Our Activities

Bc. Roman Spáčil, prezident of the Chamber

The Chamber associates persons and organizations interested in Chinese culture, economical background and the knowledge of political culture with the aim of establishing and deepening amicable relations between the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the People’s Republic of China.

We aim to become a platform for economic development between these countries. Understanding of the different way of thinking is a prerequisite for successful development of economic relations and trade. Our Chamber has strong support from governmental institutions and political leaders.

Our Chamber is devoted to the following activities. In collaboration with governmental and non-governmental institutions, regions, provinces and universities we focus on developing friendly, cultural, social and other non-commercial relations between the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the People's Republic of China, therefore we:

  • hold cultural seminars and lectures
  • actively seek business opportunities for products, services, know-how, innovations and patents on foreign markets
  • facilitate mutual communication with potential business partners
  • mediate eventual business disputes and misunderstandings
  • provide analytical service and intelligence
  • procure qualified translators, interpreters and legal advisors with the knowledge of local environment and cultural traditions
  • hold business and networking conferences
  • look after foreign delegations