NewsNews 2018

Czech delegation with leading experts from various areas in negotiations in China

Czech-Slovak-Chinese Chamber organized a very successful business delegation to Chinese Guangdong province between March 10-18.2018. Delegation of experts on healthcare and education and experienced businessmen visited main cities of Guangdong province, including Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Shenzen and Foshan, to negotiate with leading Chinese partners and companies, and to meet Guangdong prominent political leaders on several occasions.
Areas of interest
1) Education – we visited 7 Chinese universities to sing coordination memoranda on student exchange, R&D collaboration between Czech and Chinese universities, and in the area of tourism
2) Healthcare, healthy lifestyle – on meetings with leading companies in Chinese healthy lifestyle and supplement markets we agreed on the sale of several product lines of Czech supplements in Guangdong chain-stores, and on joint development of new supplements. Our experts gave several public presentations and also an interview to Chinese journals.
3) International trade – on the second round of meetings with Guangdong leading food distribution company, we completed the first case of Czech commodities export to Guangdong province. We also explored other commodity areas and product lines for export that could follow.
Last but not least, we agreed on a B2B model with Guangdong investment companies, our Chamber and Chinese Association, and also on the opening of a Czech branch of our chamber in the Guangdong province, which would mainly focus on supporting student exchange programs and tourism.
This delegation was a success, and our chamber proved that having a mediator with long term experience and personal ties in China can bring real and valuable outcomes.